Why do I practice at Ashtanga Yoga Basel?

Ashtanga’s traditional aspect, its sense of purity and clarity appealed me quite quickly when I started

my yoga journey. One day, life brought me to Gabriele’s shala.

Once I entered this room, its simplicity and its austere atmosphere submerged me.

Then I started my first “Mysore” practice: alone with Gabriele.

I remember, my body was completely shaking.

It is all about faith. I surrender to her teachings.

She transmits them as she’s still getting them from her teacher: in their purest form.

Trusting her makes me every day more fearless, ready to learn and open to try. Sometimes I just feel

that Gabriele knows me, somehow, better than I do.

I am also grateful for our discussions, her advices, the non-verbal communication.

All those simple things, yet important to me, that help to build a faithfully relation between student and


Practicing in her shala fulfils me totally.

There is no lack of humanity. Only loving kindness, healthy hard work.

There are people becoming friends, inspiring each others, being happy to practice together, sharing

breathe and energy.

There are also people happy to see others overcome some difficulties and grow.

In this Shala, spiritual beauty floats in the air.

In this Community love is shared


I was practising gentle Hatha yoga for about 6 months before I met Gabi, which resulted not only in me changing my yoga practise, but taking steps to improve my life. She is a 'gentle but firm' teacher and we also share a few giggles now and then (Marichyasana C and D anyone?). I look forward to every Mysore and Led class with Gabi, even if I know it will be a challenging practise, I always leave with a smile on my face and having learned something new about the practise and myself. Astanga is now an integral part of my life journey and I am grateful to have such a kind, wise and strong teacher.